Crescendoll - DISTRIKT Music - Ep. 198

Black Rock Desert, NV

I've been to 4 consecutive burns now, 2016 was my first. I've been blessed to play a number of sound camps and art cars, but I've always thought of DISTRIKT as one of the great whites, with a reputation that I’ve known about since before I made my first pilgrimage to the Playa. The hardworking and meticulous DISTRIKT team always provide a mystical experience for all of us dusty musically inclined burners, with a carefully curated lineup and grade A Funkworks sound. Like many DJs, I hoped to one day be given the opportunity to perform on this stage, and when I was asked to open the stage on Saturday morning at this year's Burn I was truly honored and stoked! I view the opener time slot as a challenging role that comes with a lot of responsibility and one that must be handled appropriately. I often have more opportunities for late-night sets so it was really exciting to step out of my usual zone and get to flex my chops with a daytime set! I drew on my memory of DISTRIKT over the years and felt inspired to bring to the table a different kind of opening set. I wanted to do something very minimal start to finish, but with a careful progression throughout my tale, covering different areas and emotions. Thank you DISTRIKT for giving me such a fun and unique opportunity, an experience I won't forget!

Live at Tropical Synergy NYE 2020

Somewhere in the desert...

"What do you call a haunting that you don't want to end? I didn't know if i had achieved salvation or if I needed an exorcism, and I was content with either fate. The hellfire queen of gutter techno had done it again." - Joe Giuliano

How to best describe the sweet delirium of Tropical Synergy NYE 2020? It's hard to put into words. The flow and progression of the night's music was beautiful, guttural, elevating, inspiring, unifying...
There was laughter, singing, celebration, emotion..."an all-night bacchanal". Together we danced away 2019 from dusk til dawn and well into the afternoon before our tired bodies forced us to lay down.

There was magic happening on that dance floor, we could all feel it. I felt it with such intensity while I was playing my music for everyone...I was in it and I truly felt that connection with the crowd from start to finish. I could not imagine a more beautiful moment to start the new decade off with.

Please enjoy this live set from our Tropical Synergy NYE 2020 event! <3

Live at FMG (Cold Moon)

Somewhere in the desert...

Live set under the cold December moon! An honor to be invited back again to bring my gutter grooves to the legendary Full Moon Gathering , the last one of the year! <3 Thrilled to have contributed to the cohesion of this night's music, keeping everyone dancing through the coldest part of the night!

Aaron Jacobs Vs. Crescendoll at Warriors

Los Angeles, CA

Warriors, Come out to plaa-ayyyy!!!
1 hour b2b throw down between Aaron Jacobs and Crescendoll dropping the techno grooves for an eager dancefloor. Windows were rattling and the vibes were through the roof! We hope you have as much fun listening as we did playing at this awesome event in DTLA.

Live at Tech Support

Los Angeles, CA

Live set from September Tech Support show in LA. What a night!!! Thank you to Dylan Andrew for bringing me out, and to Josh Kwon for being an amazing opener. Please enjoy this live mix!

Live at Bat Country

Black Rock Desert, NV

"We can't stop here, this is bat country!" Or so we said as we rode up to Bat Country camp [2+H] on Wednesday night at this year's Burning Man Metamorphosis (2019). This set was performed in a block between Britton and Aaron Jacobs. Many thanks to Gage Hanks and Feral Jesus for hosting us!

Live at Moontribe 26 Year Anniversary

Northern California

Live set performed at Moontribe's 26th Anniversary of Full Moon Gathering. I was incredibly honored to be a part of this momentous occasion and legendary party with an all-around amazing group of artists, and among true fans and followers of the California underground music scene. Thank you to everyone who was there with me to experience!

Live at Love Long Beach Festival (DnB)

Long Beach, CA

Live set from the Bass stage at Love Long Beach Festival. Amazing time!! So honored to have been a part of this festival.
Please enjoy this special Crescendoll blend of techstep, jungle, and liquid funk!

Live at Leyenda Eterna

Long Beach, CA

Birthday set performed at 4AM-6AM Saturday night at 2019's Leyenda Eterna located in beautiful Canyon Guadalupe, Mexico.

Live at Phreak in the Desert

Mojave Desert, CA

Live 2 hr mix from recent desert party "Phreak in the Desert", a 4AM-6AM slot time, bringing in the beginnings of a sunrise.
Dark, driving, psychedelic, melodic, eerie, minimal. Let's get weird!

Live at NR Neo-Renaissance (DnB)

Los Angeles, CA

Performed at Noise Revolt's Neo-Renaissance event featuring Luke Mandala among many others.

Live at Moontribe (Wolf Moon - Jan 2019)

Somewhere in the desert...

What an honor to play music for the legendary Full Moon Gathering! Here is my set from the wolf moontribe under the super blood moon lunar eclipse. Please enjoy!

Live at Soul Work / Carl Craig 11.9.18

San Diego, CA

\\ 2 hr live mix recorded at Soul Work / Carl Craig event 11/9/18, San Diego. Also on the lineup: Carl Craig, Donald Thump, Arielle Z, Laura Peck, Bass Exotic + Violin Girl, Positive Language. Many thanks to the Soul Work crew, the event space, and the other talented artists on the lineup. //

Live at Electric Oasis

Black Rock Desert, NV

\\ Music performed at Electric Oasis camp at 3AM Thurs night/Fri morning, after Ben Annand and before Dela Moontribe. Special thanks to Armando Kroma for the booking ~ Please enjoy this set of creature hour minimal vibes! //

Live at Focus OC 4.28.18

Orange County, CA

It was a pleasure to return to Focus OC again for the Ice Cream Social to share the decks with DivaDanielle, Josh Billings, and Nonfiction. This was a rare kind of set for me, very low key deep and minimal......starting out the night and building the energy. In my music, I was feeling many of April's waves, shocks, trials, and tribulations in this set, it was very special to me...and I hope it will move you as well! Please enjoy, and thank you to Josh and the Focus crew for having me back again, looking forward to the next one!

Techno Kitty B2B Captain of the Funky Spaceship

Private Event, San Bernardino

Techno Kitty teamed up with Captain of the Funky Spaceship for a heavy techno journey on one dazzling night up in the San Bernardino mountains!

Live at Charlie The Unicorn

Burning Man 2016, Black Rock Desert NV

~Charlie The Unicorn Art Car is a homage to the most infamous unicorn in the history of popular culture. Inspired by great balls of fire, candy cane stripper poles and rainbow glitter, this one of a kind land-yacht is as unique as the phenomenon that inspired it. On the playa, Charlie The Unicorn Art Car is known for epic DJ sets, mesmerizing laser light shows and massive fire balls that shoot from his horn. Charlie The Unicorn Art Car is a creation of Camp Charlie which is an L.A. based collection of dreamers, artists and adventurers who decided that "Yes, the world DOES need a 20' tall unicorn on wheels!" Let's go CHAAARRLLIIIEEEEE!!!!!!

Tuesday night creature hour deep playa ride cruising with my favorite sparkly unicorns on our way to candy mountain! Deep, dark, and bouncy vibes for Camp Charlie, Charlie the Unicorn, Burning Man 2016.  

"Don't come round here unless you bounce..."

Live at Noise Revolt - RevoRenegade

Mojave Desert, CA

~Noise Revolt is a collective of like minded artists bringing transformational festival culture to the nightlife scene in Southern California. Resonate With US!~

First Noise Revolt hosted desert gathering with the Revo Lounge, celebrating 3 years with my NR family~ This set was performed at Noise Revolt's RevoRenegade desert event alongside Jamie Schwabl / Dela Moon / Britton / DaVoid / Raskal / CHIEF JESTA / Euth / JiP.C / Drew Blyther / Drew Holly / Davy James / John Olarte

Live at DeepAura Music Gathering 2015

Mojave Desert, CA

~ DeepAura ~
Deep tides of the heart, deep consciousness of the mind, deep intensity of the soul...
Performed at DeepAura's first desert gathering in the Mojave alongside members of DeepAura, Undercurrent, Triptych, Wulfpack, Noise Revolt, and Bright People tribes. 
This late night set blends strange and eerie elements within dark and heavy techno progressions.