Jannowitz Records Jannopod #184

This Jannowitz Podcast is hosted by Crescendoll.

Jannowitz Records


Algorhythm Presents: Connected (Promo Mix)

Promotional mix curated and recorded with love for Miami's underground event series Algorhythm in anticipation of the upcoming CONNECTED event at Miami Beach's club TreeHouse on 6-23-18. Very excited at this new connection to Miami Beach and the Algorhythm crew, and looking forward to this upcoming show! Come out and dance with us if you are in the area, and in the meantime please enjoy this mix!
Features originals from LA producers:
Brandon Heinz - "Double Standard"
Griffin Paisley, Britton - "Initiate Dance Sequence (Britton Remix)"

Burner Podcast / Alkaline Episode 042: Crescendoll

Crescendoll of Wülfpack and DeepAura Music is on deck for the latest Alkaline. Once a Radio DJ whilst in college, Erin Parisi is now firmly planted in the SoCal scene and takes people into her world with every set. She has made an exclusive mix just for Alkaline and it's just what you need to start this weekend.

November 2017 Mix: Thunderbird

Some of my most current sounds among some older classics and favorites of mine...weird and melodic, that dark swing, deep and guttery with touches of drive, progression, and that tasssty minimal bounce, hell yeah! A blend of music I performed throughout the fall season, as well as one of my own solo productions featuring the OG miss Techno Kitty herself 😉 Please enjoy!

August 2017 Mix: Road to Burning Man

A collection of my current favorite tracks mixed and recorded for a radio spot on KX93.5 prior to this year's burn! )'(

Jay Ross's 5 Deep Guest Mix with Crescendoll

Welcome to the 5 Deep Guest Mix, a spin-off series that invites local and international DJs, Producers, and Artists to share 5 of their favorite new tracks that are emerging in the House music scene today! No tricks, no extras, just 5 great new tracks that my guests feel that you should hear, feel, and fall in love with. Now, let’s go 5 Deep with…

Crescendoll is a super talented DJ and producer that has been busy, spinning her special brand of Deep and Techy grooves all over the west coast, bringing happiness to dance floors from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and even the deserts in between. I’m excited to have here share some of her favorite tracks with you!


1) Gaiser – On The Way [Minus]
2) Prosdo – PaNiC [Hungry Koala Records]
3) Cristhian Valencia, Ricardo Valencia – Kryptonite (Mateo! Remix) [Dark Face Recordings]
4) Metodi Hristov – The Room [What Came First]
5) Joeski – Control [Kinetika Records]

Wulfpack, Noise Revolt, DeepAura, LA

Wülfpack Wülfcast Series, Episode 031

It's only been three years since I relocated from South Carolina to Los Angeles, and what a ride it's been! From the warehouses and clubs of LA and San Diego, to the California deserts, playas, and mountainous indian reservations...As a DJ making my way in the underground electronic music scene out here, I immediately fell in love with the inspiring and innovative sounds I'm regularly exposed to through this SoCal burner community. The beautifully supportive and collaborative world we are a part of out here never ceases to amaze me. I've been fortunate to be given the opportunity to produce and perform music for such welcoming and enthusiastic tribes, and am honored to be affiliated with and/or represented by several extraordinary collectives and labels (including DeepAura, Noise Revolt, Triptych, Wülfpack, and more). I discovered Wülfpack early on through several of my dear friends that are represented by the label, including Disco Aliens and Drew Blyther. After going to a few of their live shows, I quickly became an adamant supporter and have thoroughly enjoyed following their progress. Over the last few years I've gotten to know the members of Wülfpack and am happy to be affiliated and considered part of the Wülfpack family. This recorded Wülfcast is very special to me, and I welcomed the opportunity to go through such a journey of my sounds as an artist and pay homage to the many artists old and new that I follow and admire. In this mix, I was really feeling the experimental deep and dark creature hour styles, the tribal groovy psychedelic, the wild chuggy drivers, and the magical otherworldly vibes... From my heart to yours, I hope you enjoy this Wülfcast and let it take you into the resonant and weird world of which I connect to and express my soul. -Crescendoll 

Crescendoll January 2017 Mix: Metamorphosis

"The Year of the Rooster will be a powerful one, with no middle of the road when it comes to moving forward." This phoenix has emerged from the fire and is rebuilding, transforming, and rising again. With that said, this is a collection of tunes that have really moved me and touched my heart in the last few months. With this mix I wanted to really go full circle with the lyrical content, as well as test my range of musical styles. I think there's something for everyone in here! Straight from my soul to yours -- please enjoy!

Radio Sol Podcast Series, Episode 001 

Radio Sol: your radio show for DJ’s, Musicians, and Producers from Southern California---featuring mixes, performances, and the latest tracks from local talent. This mix has aired on Radio Sol for the last month, and I was honored to be showcased! It was a wonderful opportunity to delve into some old and new sounds and go deeper into the mix. I hope you all enjoy ;) #deepaura #camptriptych #noiserevolt #undercurrent